Antonio Vigil

Antonio has been a vital asset to Mullen Heller Architecture since joining the team in 2009. He was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico where he gained a passion for technology and the natural environment, which sparked his interest to create vibrant and modern spaces that still relate to a specific context. This can be seen in a variety of projects he has completed with MHA. He excels in understanding a client’s initial vision and transforming that idea, through a collaborative design process, into a three-dimensional solution, and ultimately a successful building.   

Antonio takes pride in understanding each project’s potential constraints and opportunities and discovering design solutions for them, whether it is a large Pima Medical Institute school campus in El Paso, Texas, or a small brewery renovation such as Desert Valley on Albuquerque’s Westside. 

Favorite part of Mullen Heller projects:  Visiting a project after it is completed and seeing people utilize the space.

The best place in the world to chill out:  Relaxing on the lawn in Boston Common.

When not working:  Antonio is out exploring the Bosque or Sandia foothills with his dog, Motley.