The Downtowner

The Downtowner

Albuquerque, NM

The Downtowner is considered a catalyst to infuse new life into the eastern edge of downtown Albuquerque. The Downtowner brings high-design and 24-7 activity, emphasizing “pedestrian first” and “eyes-on-the-street” mentalities. The density of the building, offering over 200 dwelling units, will bring more activity, energy and vitality to enrich and empower Albuquerque’s downtown.

The Downtowner is a cross-pollination of contemporary massing with crisp lines and a post-modern color palette. The proposed murals embrace the art scene and public art displays prevalent in the Duke City’s urban core. Designed as a six-story podium building, the project will incorporate a dramatic 14’ tall ground level to include a corner neighborhood café, an enticing residential entrance lobby, a variety of live-work artist studios, and structured parking. Ample landscaped parkway strips complete the ground level experience, introducing a variety of textures and scales to soften the hardscape and create a welcoming, walkable atmosphere.

The building comes alive as one moves to the second floor, where the interior community spaces, café dining mezzanine, and two large community courtyard decks occupy nearly half of the building footprint and sit perched above and projecting over the street below.

Construction of The Downtowner is anticipated to start in late 2024.