Mark Pardo Winrock

Mark Pardo Hair Skin Body – Winrock

Albuquerque, NM

Over the years, Aveda has become a word synonymous with natural beauty. Aveda firmly believes in the notion that it’s their responsibility to not only make products that are safe and healthy for people and the environment, but also considers it equally important to give back to the world.

Marks Pardo’s latest salon is located in the Winrock Town Center, an upscale outdoor shopping mall. The interior space is organized from public to private, starting with a vibrant retail and interactive product display area at the entry, a revitalizing salon in the middle and the restful spa nestled in back. The design concept was to create a positive flow from one distinct space to the next while maintaining the acoustical and visual privacy needed for patron comfort. The spaces are unified by using sensuous and textured materials for space definition, punctuated by translucent planes that titillate the visitor to venture into the different areas of the salon. The variation of materials, from ceiling to floor, adds rhythm to the space, allowing the intimate interior to feel bold, bright and welcoming.