VCA Capital Area Veterinary Specialists

Austin, TX

Innovations in specialty veterinary medicine and the availability of treatment options for pets with serious conditions have exploded in the past decade. Capital Area Veterinary Specialists (CAVS) is one of the few animal hospitals in the Southwest that offers a high level of specialty care, primarily surgical procedures and cancer treatments.

When the hospital was built, the finishes of the day – dark oak cabinets and trim, stained concrete floors, paneled doors, and fluorescent lighting – reflected the high quality of services the practice provided. But after forty years without any interior updates, the hospital was in desperate need of renovation.

Ultimately, the renovation touched every part of the building, including reconfiguring how clients enter the hospital, expanding the treatment areas and installing new finishes throughout. A new entrance canopy was added to welcome patients and to emphasize the facility’s improvements.

CAVS delivers rare and necessary services, so the hospital was not in a position to close during renovation. Construction was separated into five phases to allow the major hospital functions to remain operational while other parts of the building were under renovation. The facility now reflects the passion and compassion of the staff as well as the superior medical services available to pet owners of central Texas.