Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness Cannabis Supply Co.

Albuquerque, NM

After recreational marijuana became legal in New Mexico, outlets flooded the market, leading to retailers creating a brand that is recognizable and unique in order to rise above the competition. Urban Wellness has offered its services in the Albuquerque area for many years; top-notch customer service is the foundation of its business philosophy.

The architectural branding for Urban Wellness’ retail stores matched the owners’ established innovative marketing and business philosophies to provide a welcoming environment and friendly one-on-one consultations to put clients at ease. A store design priority was that it could be easily adapted at all future retail locations. A few distinct architectural components were developed that could be both prefabricated and recognizable, no matter the location.

The stores incorporate a robust combination of muted, natural materials mixed with an industrial undertone of rich black steel and bronze. This amalgamation of materials suited to both masculine and feminine considerations and modern architectural forms helped to further communicate the company’s motto to provide the most progressive offerings of natural medications.