Offices at 1718 Central

The Offices at 1718 Central

Albuquerque, NM

The Offices at 1718 Central is a joint venture between an urban real estate development company and an architecture firm, and houses offices for both companies. The design goal was to create a lively work environment while responding to its commercial and residential neighbors on a three-acre mixed use development.

The ā€œCā€ shaped floor plan wraps around a south facing courtyard, providing plenty of daylight and a connection to the outdoors. The different exterior materials create rich textures and building massing; the window canopies and the balcony create interesting shadow patterns throughout the day. The interior floor plans encourage collaboration in an upbeat way, with rhythmic surfaces and just the right amount of color.

The Offices at 1718 Central not only have rejuvenated the fabric of this stretch of Route 66, it has done so within an environmentally sound process. The project reached LEED Certification by being located within the urban core, using appropriate building orientation, designing a well-tuned building envelope to reduce energy use, and incorporation of other inhabitant-friendly practices.